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Market & Planet Oriented

We develop business taking care of the Planet we live.

Challenges like Globalization and all kinds of Geopolitical changes, has shown D&S resiliency in tackling all the critical momentums and turning them into an opportunity.

All this targeting skills like:


Efficiency & Flexibility


​Reliability & Quality Services


Customized solutions

All our efforts have always been oriented to provide the best possible Supply Chain to our clients.

The new nowadays challenge is to make the supply chain, an even more competitive edge for our customers, combining logistic and freight world with ESG Criteria.

Targeting SDGs Agenda and make it a priority for each shipment we handle.


“It’s only a matter of mindset”

“I think the third Millenium Freight Forwarding World challenge will be channeling the energies & skills on Human Kind and our Planet; the more the technologies go ahead, the more ahead steps we make, the more we need to go back to our origins and back to Earth; the discerning element of a “good Freight Forwarder Business” is the team people who make it up; starting from human element and growing the right environment are at the base of our Philosophy; the rest is a natural spillover.

Let it flows!

We can do shipping in a greener way, optimizing the best route to avoid GHGs Emissions, supporting our clients with sustainaale tools, calculating & reporting their emissions, and PLUS offering offsetting tools.

And we do more sanding on the front foot:

Join our private area

Pledge measures and elaborates carbon Footprint for all modes of transport; it is an accredited platform that enables you to easily calculate your CO2 emissions; it Instantly generates reports that empower you to meet your sustainability needs.

Go to your private area and start monitoring your environmental impact; we do know how Sustainabiliy is worth for you!