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Our presence at the customs offices in Genoa is supported by a team of experienced operators with many years of experience in the sector.

This team masterfully coordinates customs clearance not only in the port of Genoa, but also in other ports, ensuring a complete and accurate service for exports, imports, temporary procedures and more. Our highly qualified staff is able to manage complex customs practices competently and accurately, ensuring strict compliance with regulations and legal requirements.

The professionalism of our team is essential to facilitate and speed up customs clearance processes, while ensuring compliance with current regulations. Besides the port of Genoa, our ability to coordination of the customs clearance in other ports is a distinctive element of our service.

We are committed to providing reliable and dedicated support, ensuring efficient and accurate management of customs procedures at every stage of the import or export process.

Relying on Dafarra & Seves for customs clearance operations means having at your disposal a competent and specialized team that is committed to ensuring compliance with regulations and simplifying customs processes to facilitate import and export operations.

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