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About us

Dafarra&Seves is one of the oldest Italian Freight Forwarding company, that started operating in the freight world in the late 1953. Founded by Piero Dafarra & Silvio Seves, today is managed by the second and third generation Ricccardo Dafarra, Roberto Dafarra and Marco Seves.
D&S has been active on the market for more than 70 years; it has gone through years of epic changes and defying challenges, and it has always proved resilient and proactive.

Be like good farmers, grow your energies and ideas in a sustainable and resilient way so that whatever happens and whatever you do last a lifetime or even longer
(inspired by Sergio Marchionne’s speech)

Why D&S should be your Freight Forwarder choice

Because we combine together:

  • Tradition, historical background, more than 70 years of experience on the field.
  • A worldwide network built up in years of non-stop cooperation and human relations, always on motion ready to catch new opportunities and changes.
  • Tailor-made solutions, we are and keep a Family Business mindset.
  • New Transition in the Green & Blue Economy: the Future World.

D&S is an independent provider of customized, flexible and responsive freight & logistics solutions optimizing all modes of transport, warehousing, all in a greener & sustainable way

We wanna play a Key role in the transition process towards a greener freight world, across all areas of our business, from air, sea and road freight to contract logistics, not only measuring & reporting the supply chain Carbon Footprint, but adding offsetting tools to the CO2 emissions.

D&S dates back his history to Genoa,1953, and has since then always taken care of your shipments!

Join our private area

Pledge measures and elaborates carbon Footprint for all modes of transport; it is an accredited platform that enables you to easily calculate your CO2 emissions; it Instantly generates reports that empower you to meet your sustainability needs.

Go to your private area and start monitoring your environmental impact; we do know how Sustainabiliy is worth for you!