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Our offer includes a wide range of integrated logistics services, including consolidation and deconsolidation, as well as the storage of all types of goods, both domestic and international.
From hazardous cargo, perishable goods to refrigerated products, our warehouse, extending over an area of 20,000 square meters strategically located within the port of Genoa, is designed to safely store and manage any type of goods.

Our commitment goes beyond simple cargo handling. We offer a back to back warehouse turnover cycle, guaranteeing services of collection and final delivery of goods, thus completing the logistic cycle flawlessly. Thanks to our strategic location in the heart of the port of Genoa, we are able to facilitate quick and timely operations, ensuring efficient and reliable integrated logistics.

Flexibility is key in our approach to logistics. Our structure is designed to adapt to the specific needs of each load, offering customized solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and precision. Our expertise in handling goods of various types allows us to guarantee a reliable and personalized service.

Relying on Dafarra & Seves means having a reliable and competent partner that offers complete integrated logistics solutions, ensuring safety, efficiency and peace of mind for the optimal handling of your goods.

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