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In the age of globalization, air shipments become a strategic element of fundamental importance. Dafarra & Seves stands out for offering a wide range of air transport solutions, from consolidated service options to full charter rentals.

We address the challenges of air shipping with determination, understanding the crucial importance of fast times and reliable safety. Our company can boast a consolidated network of leading agents around the world. This strong network of partners allows us to ensure speed, efficiency and reliability in air shipments, both in import and export. We are committed to providing tailor-made air solutions tailored to the specific needs of each load and customer.

Our experience in the air shipping industry is based on careful management of every detail. From planning and organizing cargo to fulfilling customs requirements, we make sure every air shipment is handled with utmost precision and care.

With Dafarra & Seves, you’ll not only have access to a wide range of air shipping options, but you’ll also have a reliable and competent partner who is committed to ensuring the timeliness and safety of your shipments, anywhere in the world.

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Pledge measures and elaborates carbon Footprint for all modes of transport; it is an accredited platform that enables you to easily calculate your CO2 emissions; it Instantly generates reports that empower you to meet your sustainability needs.

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