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The Group & The Elements


Air, invisible but essential, it represents our Reliability.
We are like the Air, always present & ready to support our customers. like air we must not show but, but we are essential.

Competence & Innovation

Sun with its basic and consistent brightness, stands for our Competence and Innovation, our primary Energy, where we take inspiration to carry out our activity and tasks.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Water, with its capacity of transforming and adapting to all contingencies and daily situations; like the water we keep on flowing and naturally modeling in silence what surrounds us; not invasive but essential & efficient.


Mother Earth our Homeland, we must respect it and always be grateful.
It gives us life and it reflects our actions; as we must take care of It, we do the same with our clients, watering and growing our plants day by day.

Dafarra Group’s Companies target innovation and vanguard competences:
heterogeneous activities that range from international freight to innovative agriculture, passing through coffee (organic) trading & logistics up to CBD cultivation.

All bound by the same Mission: offer a new sustainable business model, offsetting Climate Change and offering ethical and responsible solutions.

The Group

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Pledge measures and elaborates carbon Footprint for all modes of transport; it is an accredited platform that enables you to easily calculate your CO2 emissions; it Instantly generates reports that empower you to meet your sustainability needs.

Go to your private area and start monitoring your environmental impact; we do know how Sustainabiliy is worth for you!