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In a world continuously changing, SUSTAINABILITY is not only a mandatory target but is a MISSION.

We commit to be more than a Freight Forwarding and Logistic Provider: we wanna be an active player of a better future, where our actions and deeds turn to have a positive impact on our Planet and Global Communities.

Sustainability is not an isolated, one-stop goal, but the basic pillar that leads all our choices and actions.

We commit to adopt sustainable practices in what we do, from handling our shipments (End To End) taking care of each leg in a greener way, supporting our clients to comply with the new UN and Eu Rules in terms of ESG, and offering Green Tools to offset the climate change.










With a global network spanning every corner of the planet, we are aware of the responsibility that this entails.
Therefore, we constantly invest in innovative technologies, sustainable fleets and eco-friendly solutions that not only optimize shipments but also reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


Further pursuing excellence in the sector of international logistics, we are committed to promoting positive change, through innovative and brilliant projects, such as the Green House Farm and the reuse of dismissed containers

Dafarra Group project together with other partners, focuses on using recycled containers (destined to landfill) for aeroponics cultivation and is a tangible example of how different skills and industries come together to address global challenges.

The use of recycled containers is a brilliant choice in terms of sustainability and the circular economy.
The process of transformation into new containers, through recycling, makes the most of this feature. In addition, recycling helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources and the production of waste, supporting the goal of a more sustainable future.

AEROPONIC is a very innovative and revolutionary agriculture technology

Aeroponic agriculture means the cultivation of any plant through an innovative technique that does not require the use of any type of growing substrate. This growth process takes place in greenhouses, then in a protected environment that can ensure the plants the perfect temperature and habitat for development. The closed and isolated environment, formed within the greenhouses, and the absence of soil, allows basil plants or other vegetables, a greater development and production. The faster and more abundant growth is also due to the lower exposure to weeds that, as we know, can compromise and slow the development of plants. This technique involves the use of specific aqueous solutions, enriched with nutrients, which must be sprayed periodically and directly on the roots of the cultivated basil. We have been awarded and the challenge is not finished, it has just started…

La fattoria di pol

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Information on aeroponic unitization in refrigerated containers, transportation by sea and land worldwide.

100% green economy

100% Circular, 98% Water Saving
Nikel free products, without pesticides, 70% less of fertilizers
very high productivity, ready-to-use product.

ESG Commitment

We are committed to embodying the values of environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability in every aspect of our work.
We recognise the crucial importance of adopting fair, responsible and environmentally friendly practices in addressing current challenges and contributing to a sustainable future.
Our ESG vision is a tangible and evolving commitment.
We are aware that only through an integrated and future-oriented approach can we contribute to building a more sustainable world for present and future generations.

Preserving the environment is a key priority for us. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by implementing innovative solutions for energy saving, waste management and sustainable use of resources. We are committed to promoting eco-efficient practices throughout the value chain.

We privilege diversity, integrity and community involvement. We support an inclusive, respectful and safe working environment for all our employees. We are committed to promoting corporate social responsibility programs that contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

We adopt high standards of corporate governance to ensure transparency, ethics and integrity in all our activities. Our commitment to effective and responsible governance is reflected in risk management, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement of our business practices.

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Pledge measures and elaborates carbon Footprint for all modes of transport; it is an accredited platform that enables you to easily calculate your CO2 emissions; it Instantly generates reports that empower you to meet your sustainability needs.

Go to your private area and start monitoring your environmental impact; we do know how Sustainabiliy is worth for you!